About Teresa

"We saw her she was born, to grow, to develop to be a teenager... tiny with the soul of a child, ahe inheritel from her grandmother the interest for the natural beauties of the fields nearby, when she was even a child she used to walk around the village and with the old lady she contemplated admiringly the carpets of different flowers, sowed in the countryside by the invisible hand of Nature.
We would say that those her previous impressions caught with absortion every thing her eyes were contemplating. Those were the begining, the seed that contained the deep elegance that her watercolours now transmit."

Author: Alipio García León



Teresa Beltran - Front page Exhibition

Tribute to Teresa Beltran. Avila, april 2006.




Prix Ximena Blazquez

After a brief stay in Arts in Madrid (Spain), she extends her apprentice in the School of Arts of Avila, being her master D. Antonio Arenas. She is specialiced in watercolor.

In 1997 she won the 1st Prize and Gold Medal in Watercolor at the "XVI National Painting Competition".

In the same year she goes to 18 cities all round Spain, with the Itinerant Exhibition "Artists Awarded by the Federation", with the Ministry of Education and Culture sponsorship.

In 2001, she is named adopted daughter of Zarzuela del Monte (Segovia), for her collaboration creating the Museum of Contemporary Art.

She is included in the "Painters and Spanish Sculptors Dictionary of the 20th century" Forum Artis publisher.

Prestigious critics have dealt about her with countless publications and literary works. She combines her creative work with teaching, having initiated into painting almost all amateur artists of her own village and surroundings.

Actually she teaches painting in Palacio de Los Serrano in Avila.